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October Deals & Steals - Scene 826 Hair Studio

October Salon Deals

Scene 826 Hair Studio in Fort Myers is running some great salon and product discounts ALL OCTOBER LONG!

  • Spooktacular Special: Halloween Makeup starts at $25.00

  • Pure Brazilian Smoothing Treatment is $20 Off Express or $50 Off Full Service

  • Miracle Repair Treatment by Eleven is On Sale for $19.99 (Save Over 20%)

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5 Questions to Ask Your Bridal Hair Stylist

1. What are your rates? 

Knowing bridal rates upfront will save you a lot of headaches. You should have a clear idea of what you've budgeted to spend on beauty services before calling on bridal salons. The majority of bridal salons will list rates on the website, which will give you an idea of whether you can afford them or not. 

2. Will you also do my bridal party? 

Always ask if the hairstylist will bring a team with that will be able to handle a big number of parties. Typically, a salon will offer bridal packages so you and your ladies can save some money. Always consider asking your stylist to bring extra help if you have a big party! 

3. Will you come to the event venue? 

You need to ask this question since some hairstylists do not offer this service. Be sure to ask if they charge extra for driving to a specific location too. Some locations could be far away from your stylists' location, so there might be an additional charge for mileage and gas. Communicate your location in advance, so that everyone can plan accordingly. 

4. Do you offer a trial run? 

The majority of bridal hairstylists offer trial runs. Make sure to bring this question up when you are calling bridal salons. Also, be sure to share your specific likes and dislikes with your stylist - and even share your Pinterest board. Find out if this is an extra fee or if it's included in the final cost. 

5. Can I see your portfolio? 

Always ask to see the makeup artist/stylist portfolio before you book with them. This will give you an idea of their style and quality of work. You can also read bridal testimonials and reviews on the salon website and social channels. 

Summer Hair Blues

Summertime is the best - spending long days at the pool, enjoying a boat ride on the Gulf, and sipping on Summer-perfect cocktails. However, there are a few downsides to this time of year too. Summer in Florida means extreme humidity and record heat temperatures.

When humidity is at an all-time high our hair is the last thing to cooperate and has a mind of its own. Do we all agree?

Florida humidity gets the best of us while making our hair worse!

If you don't want to deal with the humidity affecting your hair-do, there are options available. The Scene 826 team has a great cure for those summer hair blues. Here are a few cooling down tips that will make you feel great all Summer long:

  1. Option 1: UNLIMITED STYLE $99 (for unlimited blow-dry styles).

  2. Option 2: UNLIMITED QUICK CHANGE $49 (unlimited quick styles, come with dry hair and get curls, straightened, braided, pinned, etc. Any quick style under 20 minutes.

*Appointment recommended. Both options are valid for one month from purchase date. No contract and no automatic renewal. Use as much as your heart desires!

Don't let humidity affect your hair this summer. Make your appointment with the Scene 826 Hair Studio team. Call us at (239) 479-7660!

[Hot Trend] - Summer Blonde

Summa, summa, summa time!

It's summertime now which means vacations, beach days, and soaking up the sun outdoors - but it's also one of the most exciting times to change up your hair color too!

Many girls (and guys, too!) are thinking that summer is the perfect time to change up their hair color to a fun, bright, blonde shade.

More and more people are coming into our Salon wanting single color tones, like light brown and blonde.

If you are ready to join the Summer blonde trend for 2019, be sure to check out our hair salon in Fort Myers, Florida. Scene 826 is known for our award-winning team of cut and color specialists. You can book 24/7 online too -

How to Prep for Your Wedding Hair trials

Are you a bride to be?

If so, congratulations! This is one of the most exciting times of your life, but nobody is denying just how stressful it is. From the guest list to the dress shopping, all the way to the decor, you have so many things to prepare for. This includes the hair and makeup.

Let's face it, every bride wants gorgeous wedding hair from the ceremony to the reception. When it comes to wedding hairstyles, achieving the look you want on your special day is extremely important - it can really make or break the look, and your confidence. Hair is so important, we all know that.

The first thing to start doing it looking around for inspiration - Pinterest is the go-to here. With examples in hand and expectations set, it's time to schedule your wedding hair trial appointment with a top-rated Fort Myers hair salon.

We hope this advice will help you prepare for the pre-wedding hair appointment.

1. Give yourself time

We say, schedule your hair trial in advance, and by advance, we mean at least 4-5 months. This gives you time to make any changes, perfect your look and get to know your hairdresser.

Not to mention, if you really want to have a great hairstyle and experience, you'll need to find the best hairdresser/salon around. The best salon usually gets booked up pretty quickly.

2. Don't go alone

You wouldn't go wedding dress shopping alone, right? So, don't go to the hair trial alone.

You'll need impartial, honest advice on your look - sometimes you can be so overwhelmed that you just don't know what to think of something.

Also, you should never feel the need to do any of your wedding planning or prep alone, it's a beautiful moment in your life that should be shared.

3. Bring the accessories

Perhaps your something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue is a headpiece or hair clip - this is completely fine and great hairdressers will be able to make them look the most beautiful they ever have.

However, don't leave the hairdresser in the dark about what headpiece you're going to have on your special day, as it can really change the technique and look.

This also applies to veils, if you're planning on using one.

4. Don't change

Most brides-to-be only have one wedding hair trial, this means that the hairdresser only really gets one practice on the hair that you walk in with.

If they turn up on your big day and you've cut, permed and colored your hair, it's almost like working with a completely different model.

We say, try and keep your hair pretty much the same length and texture as what you went into the trial with.

This will eliminate any disappointment, stress, and heartache on your big day. Of course, a trim or fresh color is completely fine in the months coming up to your wedding.

VIP wedding services in Fort Myers

If you are looking for VIP wedding services in Fort Myers, make sure to visit Scene 826 Hair Studio, we will make your wedding day hair flawless and gorgeous!

Tips & Tricks to get Voluminous Hair

We all want more volume in our hair, it's a time when bigger really is better. We know the struggle, sometimes your hair just lacks in the volume department.

Don't let thin strands hold you back! There are many options available to create volume in our hair so that we never have to deal with that pain again.

Here are our top tips and tricks to perfect the big hair routine.

1. Flip over your parting

While you might think this goes against everything you've been told - it can be a quick volume fix. You see, where your hair falls naturally, is also where it is flattest.

A quick flip of the parting adds instant volume, with a little help from some hairspray, you'll be set for the rest of the day.

This is also just a super easy way to switch up your look.

2. Blow dry and style upside down

When we're in a rush, we don't have any time for rollers or curling wands. Sometimes we have a 5-minute gap between our shower and getting out the door. We know, we have to sort our time management out!

Simply, flip your head upside down, and blow dry. It gives you a heap of volume and dries your hair. Win-win situation.

We also like to brush our hair this way, and set with some hair spray. It works miracles.

3. Rollers are your best friend

We feel like rollers are becoming a forgotten instrument, but dust them off right now.

We love to put in some rollers, just in our roots, while we're making breakfast and doing our makeup. It adds a really subtle (though you can change how dramatic you want it) volume to your hair.

As always, finish this off with a bit of hairspray, and you have a great look for the rest of the day.

4. Use voluminous products

Styling products are another option in your quest to achieve volume. You can buy volumizing shampoos, conditioners, and mousses. They do work, too!

You might actually be pleasantly surprised by the difference that a good product could do to your hair.

With the Shampoo and conditioner, make sure you allow them to build. In other words, don't expect overnight volume.

5. Keep your hair healthy

Above all, if your hair is healthy and strong, it will ultimately look thicker and less flat. Make sure that you're protecting, getting regular haircuts, and addressing any issues that will inevitably create a beautiful head of hair.

We hope these very simple, but very effective tips and tricks help you on your hair journey. Don't worry, we've all had the flat hair problem before, but it's easily solved.

Do you have any tricks to add instant volume? We'd love to hear them.

4 Tips & Tricks to Help Prevent Split Ends

Split ends. Everyone gets them and not one person ever wants them - are we correct? It really is one of the most frustrating things when it comes to your hair. Split ends can make your hair look scraggly, unhealthy, and it eventually becomes harder to maintain.

We put stress on our hair every single day. This can be from improper brushing, excessive heat, or harsh environmental factors (all of which cause split ends).

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a "temporary fix" either. There are a few tips and tricks that can help prevent split ends.

Read on to learn some of the best ways to prevent split ends (honest advice from a hair stylist).

1. Routine hair trims

If you want healthy hair, regular trims are essential. It's recommended that you have your hair cut every 6-8 weeks (whichever one helps you find less split ends). It is true, regular trims ensure minimal split ends and breakage!

Don't worry, if you're trying to grow out your hair, your hairdresser will be able to give you a light trim and will be able to work with you on a hair growth plan.

2. Use a wide-tooth comb

We're all so used to the regular hair brush, with the tight-knit synthetic bristles. Yes, they might make your hair feel like it's super brushed and smooth, but the reality is it can traumatize your hair. Using the wrong tools will just add additional stress to your hair!

Using a wide tooth comb will help prevent snags and decrease the amount of hair fall - two big benefits.

You should also be brushing from the root down, taking your time to gently comb through your hair. We know, when you're in a rush it's the easiest thing to just drag a brush through your hair, but think about the damage (split ends and breakage). .

Another top salon tip when brushing: Don't brush your hair when it's wet. This makes it more susceptible to breakage, resulting in split ends.

3. Be gentle

This absolutely involves brushing but so many other aspects of our daily hair routine too.

You might not realize how harsh you are with your own hair. From drying it, straightening it, styling it, and sleeping on it. We really subject our hair to some severe trials.

Try to be more mindful of how you're treating your hair. Whenever possible, let your hair air dry, use your heating tools less and less (and when you do use them put them on the low heat setting).

Even investing in silk pillowcases can make a world of difference to your beautiful locks!

4. Products

Never underestimate the power of the products that you're using.

To begin, you should try and grab shampoo and conditioner that is free from sulfates and parabens (ask us what we would recommend for your hair type). This way you can be sure that you're not damaging your hair when washing it.

Also, using heat protective serums, oils, and sprays help more than you might believe. They give your hair a protective barrier, which ultimately protects against severe heat damage. If you use heating tools daily, heat protection products are a must!

You should also incorporate a deep conditioner into your weekly hair routine - this will help with hydration. Need a new product? We have the best deep conditioning treatments for all hair types - ask your stylist next time you are at Scene 826.

Taking care of your hair, even by swapping your products around, can make a big difference. Nobody wants split ends, and everybody can take these steps to help prevent them.

Hair Salon Promotions 2019: Scene 826 in Downtown Fort Myers, Florida

Hair & Styling Promotions in Fort Myers

Are you looking for a new hair salon in Fort Myers, Florida?

Right now Scene 826 is offering a new client discount! The discount is available on our website and is valid until the end of August 2019. If you are already a client at Scene 826, we encourage you to bring in a friend that has never been to our Fort Myers Salon (you both get a discount on our services too).

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for hair inspiration and to see our team hard at work!

Call us at 239.479.7660!

Top 5 Hair Trends for 2019

We hate to sound cliche, but "new year, new me" is actually something to live by. We're suckers for new year resolutions, new beginnings, and new hair.

So, join us in waving goodbye to 2018 and a big hello to 2019 and all the hair trends that you'll kick yourself for not trying.

We really believe that these 5 hair trends will take this year by storm.

1. Undercuts

Undercuts really haven't been given the spotlight they deserve. They're gorgeous but super subtle and give you the freedom to be creative with your hair.

If you like your neck to be free from hair, love a little surprise, and are a bit of a secret rebel, this is the hairstyle for you.

First, there is less hair, which means less time styling! Second, its like a temporary tattoo that you can show off, but always grows out. Rainbow slashes, low cut v's, blue waves and even really inventive pieces of art on your undercut are all waiting for you to try. Mix up the colors, try out new designs and, most importantly, have a bit of fun.

2019 is the year for you to try out some new styles!

2. Block coloring

Did you know block coloring is making a big comeback?

2001 Kelly Clarkson is not what we are talking about.

For those that don't know, block coloring is basically when you have two or more shades in large sections or blocks. How you want it to look completely depends on the look that you’re going for. Very bold or very subtle is both possible with block coloring. The pattern and the color choices can range from dramatic to natural.

Instead of opting for the usual highlights, why not go for block color? It could have a much greater impact and completely enhance your hair in ways that highlights can’t.

Block color works really great with straight, smooth and sleek hairstyles too!

3. Messy waves

This is a trend that we absolutely love. It's easy, effortless and looks fantastic, no matter the occasion. It's that kind of "I just woke up and rushed in" flawless look.

There are super easy ways to get this look -and you don't have to worry about it being perfect because, well, it's supposed to look messy. Whether you have a little curl and want to intensify it or opt for the curling iron, it’s so fun!

Texturing spray is a must but re-doing your hair every morning isn't necessary. One of our favorites is from Eleven Australia -I want body texture spray. ($21.50) It’s a dual product with texture dust and a light hairspray. After shaking to activate, you get the best messy, textured look after spraying.

This is definitely a 2019 style that we hope stays!

4. Traditional men's cuts

Now for the gentlemen.

Traditional is back - we're talking medium-length and slick back cuts, that are reminiscent of older times. Hopefully, as an added plus, you won’t have to spend as much time focusing on it in the morning.

The Scene always offers complimentary clean ups (hair line and around the ears).

Why not add a modern twist to a traditional style? Maybe a dramatic undercut or super short sides?

5. Braided styles

Braids always seem to make an appearance every year, and 2019 is no different. Box braids are gaining a lot of traction lately, the neater the better and even with some jewels being added to them. Box braids aren't the only style you can try though, long lemonade braids are a big trend at the moment too.

Fishtail plaits and braids incorporated in updos are expected to be huge this year too.

Braids are always a timeless style and The Scene can help you learn!

Scene 826 in Downtown Fort Myers, Florida

If you are ready to take on a bold hair style for 2019, check out our hair salon in Fort Myers, Florida. Scene 826 is known for our award-winning team of cut and color specialists. Book online today!

Will you be trying any of these hairstyles out?

Top 5 Hair Care Products the Salon Can’t Live Without

With such a plethora of hair products on the market, it can sometimes seem like such a task to find your own can't-live-without type products. Over the years, I've tried and tested so many hair products...some much better than others.

With all the necessary hair product experience, there are five hair products that I (and the Salon) just can't live without. Although you'll never have to limit yourself to five products, this list will hopefully prove to be a great starting point to your best hair. Let's dive right in.

1. Biphasic Infusion

This is one of those products that leaves you truly amazed. Biphasic Infusion is an incredible product, bursting with Signature Tea Complex, it acts as a daily treatment for the scalp and the hair strands. This really is a hero product for the Salon, made up of white, black, African red bush, green and pu-her teas.

It's difficult to stumble across a product made for every hair texture possible that's also oil-free and color-safe. I have to say, I'm impressed. At the Salon, we use this product on damp and dry hair, massaging it into the scalp. It adds hydration, detangles the hair, prevents breakage and adds an oil-free shine.

If you are looking for an immediate conditioning treatment, add Biphasic Infusion to your plethora of hair products.

2. Surface Trinity Protein Cream

At the Salon, we deal with all types of hair, from normal to coarse and everything in-between.

This product is the top seller at our Salon for its frizz-fighting power. The Trinity Protein Cream contains an array of vitamins, like flaxseed oil and babassu oil, that basically smooths, protects,and repairs all while enhancing the shine.

P.S, it's also a natural sun case you needed any more persuading.

3. Eleven -i want body Texture Spray

This is a product I take absolutely everywhere with me (at the Salon and outside of the Salon)...I'm truly not over exaggerating. Texture spray is perfect for any style or occasion,regardless of how much time you have.

Texture sprays are different to hairsprays; they allow the hair to move, whilst still providing each strand with texture and volume. This product is unique with a mild hold hair spray and texture powder, shake to activate. It's my go-to styling product.

4. Surface Bassu Oil

Another product that I couldn't imagine my life without is, Bassu Oil. I've had many issues with oils in the past, where my clients hair would look greasy after applying them. Bassu Oil never did this. Clients have also commented on how their hair feels and looks more hydrated, smooth and smells absolutely amazing. Would you believe me if I told you it didn't weigh their hair down either?

Bassu oil is a 100% vegan product that has no harsh sulfates and adds natural shine to any type of hair. It penetrates the hair, instead of laying on top, allowing repairing, heat protection and free radical removal.

Use it in your bathtub, on your skin, and even to remove makeup!

5. EleVen- Miracle Hair Treatment

This is a product your hair will love, believe me.

Let’s face it, we all put our hair through hell and back. However, it’s never too late to kick your hair into gear. That's why this Miracle Hair Treatment is so great. You leave it in, and it delivers eleven, yes, ELEVEN, benefits to your hair. These benefits include moisture, shine, repairing, protection, and much more!

This can be used on all hair types, and it's super easy to work with too. There's no lengthy process, it's just a simple pump and then application. It really is a miracle.

For me, these aren't just products that I love, they're products that I use daily on all of my clients at Scene 826 in Fort Myers, Florida. If you are interested in any of the products that I listed/mentioned above, please give us a call at (239) 479-7679 and I’d be happy to show you them in-person!

If you’ve tried any of these products, let me know what you think!

5 Hair Care Myths You Need to Stop Believing

As a hair stylist, you hear hair care myths on a daily. You know, the scary and sometimes unbelievable rumors that seem to have surfaced out of thin air? So, we're addressing some of the biggest hair myths we hear from our hair salon in Fort Myers, with a mission to set the records straight.

"If your hair is dirty, the updo will have better hold."

This honestly isn't always the case. In fact, some of those amazing updos that you see all over Pinterest can only really be achieved with clean hair and, of course, the right technique.

A hairstylist can "dirty" your hair using products, this ensures that your hair is in the proper condition for the best possible updo. Clean hair is the most cooperative kind of hair, allowing a hairstylist to recognize the hair type and guarantee a perfect look every time.

Not to mention, would you really want to run your hands through somebody's dirty hair?

Neither do stylists.

"If you trim your hair, it will grow faster." 

We honestly have absolutely no idea where this hair myth derived from. Scientific facts about hair growth have already debunked this myth, but people still love to believe it. It's simple; if you keep cutting your hair, it will keep getting shorter.

That being said, this myth buster doesn't completely eliminate the need for haircuts. Not getting your hair cut will lead to split ends, which result in thinner looking hair. We recommend getting a haircut every 8-10 weeks for healthy looking hair.

Let your stylist know that you're growing out your hair - a good one will perform, what is known as, "dusting". This involves a light trim to the ends of your hair. This will prevent split ends and improve the texture of the hair without trimming your length gains.

"Don't condition thin hair." 

Admittedly, we understand the logic behind this myth. After all, conditioners can weigh down the hair...something which fine hair does not behave well with. However, avoiding conditioner completely will leave your hair undernourished. So, what do you do? 

You just have to choose your conditioner correctly, making sure that it isn't too heavy for thin hair. Look for lightweight, volumizing formulas. We have the best conditioner solutions for all types of hair at our hair salon in Fort Myers.

If these still don't work for you, you could consider using leave-in conditioners (which we have at the Salon too).

On all occasions, only use a small amount, don't apply conditioner to the roots, don't leave it in your hair for too long and, perhaps, condition before you shampoo.  

"Dying your hair makes it look unhealthy." 

Bleaching aside, coloring your hair shouldn't have a bad reputation that it has. Actually, the extra deposit of product on hair can make it look thicker and healthier, this is just one of those hair dye myths that you can ignore.

Dying your hair, just like a lot of other practices, does damage your hair a little. However, this isn't irreversible. If you commit yourself to taking care of your hair, think, hair massages and damage treatments, you can restore your hair. Don't worry.

"You should wash oily hair daily"

This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, roots get oily quicker when you wash your hair every day - it compensates, every time you wash your hair you remove the healthy oils from the roots, so your hair creates more and more, resulting in an excess. Washing your hair every day is also not the best thing you can do for your overall hair health.

Also, going back to the "don't condition thin hair" myth, many believe that you shouldn't condition oily hair...this isn't true and actually makes the scalp dryer thus resulting in more oil.

We recommend brushing your hair thoroughly before washing it, shampoo your hair with the correct shampoo and only wash your hair every other day, at the maximum. Over time, your hair will become less oily and easier to manage.  

We hope in debunking these hair myths, you now have a little bit more knowledge on how to take care of your hair. If you have any questions about hair myths or hair health, we'll be happy to answer them. You can contact Scene 826 in Fort Myers, Florida at (239) 479-7679. 


Only one weekend left for Date Night HAIR!

Date Night hair has been a great hit with so many interested. Just a reminder that there is only one weekend left to save huge on great style!

Ladies: Come with clean dry hair. Flat iron or curling iron style of your choice!

Guys: Shampoo, perimeter cut clean up and styling product application by your stylist.

Such a great deal for only $20 a couple or $15 for ladies and $10 for men. You don't have to ACTUALLY be going on a "date", but you will Be Scene with GREAT hair!

Don't forget to "like" this weeks facebook post or make your Date Night appointment for a chance to win movie tickets, drinks and a popcorn.

Scene 826 supporting Harry Chapin food bank!

Our Scene 826 stylists are supporting the community. We are taking donations in person at the salon in the form of canned goods or cash amounts. You can also donate online at by searching for the fundraiser: Stylists Unite to Cut Hunger. Scene 826 will be collecting donations until the beginning of April. All proceeds will stay in our community.

Thank you in advance for your amazing support!

Great times with great people

The Fine Line and Wine tasting was a great time! We learned that a lot of us liked different wines we never thought we would. These limited boutique style wines are at such a great price. Wine Shop at home only makes each wine from the same grape in that same area at limited quantities then they discontinue that specific one; leaving every wine you get a new taste adventure!!

Patti from Nerium showed us an 8 minute video seeing before and after photos that blew our mind!

Cannot wait to see everyone next month. Rumor has it,... Blow Dry boot camp is coming:)