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4 Tips & Tricks to Help Prevent Split Ends

Split ends. Everyone gets them and not one person ever wants them - are we correct? It really is one of the most frustrating things when it comes to your hair. Split ends can make your hair look scraggly, unhealthy, and it eventually becomes harder to maintain.

We put stress on our hair every single day. This can be from improper brushing, excessive heat, or harsh environmental factors (all of which cause split ends).

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a "temporary fix" either. There are a few tips and tricks that can help prevent split ends.

Read on to learn some of the best ways to prevent split ends (honest advice from a hair stylist).

1. Routine hair trims

If you want healthy hair, regular trims are essential. It's recommended that you have your hair cut every 6-8 weeks (whichever one helps you find less split ends). It is true, regular trims ensure minimal split ends and breakage!

Don't worry, if you're trying to grow out your hair, your hairdresser will be able to give you a light trim and will be able to work with you on a hair growth plan.

2. Use a wide-tooth comb

We're all so used to the regular hair brush, with the tight-knit synthetic bristles. Yes, they might make your hair feel like it's super brushed and smooth, but the reality is it can traumatize your hair. Using the wrong tools will just add additional stress to your hair!

Using a wide tooth comb will help prevent snags and decrease the amount of hair fall - two big benefits.

You should also be brushing from the root down, taking your time to gently comb through your hair. We know, when you're in a rush it's the easiest thing to just drag a brush through your hair, but think about the damage (split ends and breakage). .

Another top salon tip when brushing: Don't brush your hair when it's wet. This makes it more susceptible to breakage, resulting in split ends.

3. Be gentle

This absolutely involves brushing but so many other aspects of our daily hair routine too.

You might not realize how harsh you are with your own hair. From drying it, straightening it, styling it, and sleeping on it. We really subject our hair to some severe trials.

Try to be more mindful of how you're treating your hair. Whenever possible, let your hair air dry, use your heating tools less and less (and when you do use them put them on the low heat setting).

Even investing in silk pillowcases can make a world of difference to your beautiful locks!

4. Products

Never underestimate the power of the products that you're using.

To begin, you should try and grab shampoo and conditioner that is free from sulfates and parabens (ask us what we would recommend for your hair type). This way you can be sure that you're not damaging your hair when washing it.

Also, using heat protective serums, oils, and sprays help more than you might believe. They give your hair a protective barrier, which ultimately protects against severe heat damage. If you use heating tools daily, heat protection products are a must!

You should also incorporate a deep conditioner into your weekly hair routine - this will help with hydration. Need a new product? We have the best deep conditioning treatments for all hair types - ask your stylist next time you are at Scene 826.

Taking care of your hair, even by swapping your products around, can make a big difference. Nobody wants split ends, and everybody can take these steps to help prevent them.

5 Hair Care Myths You Need to Stop Believing

As a hair stylist, you hear hair care myths on a daily. You know, the scary and sometimes unbelievable rumors that seem to have surfaced out of thin air? So, we're addressing some of the biggest hair myths we hear from our hair salon in Fort Myers, with a mission to set the records straight.

"If your hair is dirty, the updo will have better hold."

This honestly isn't always the case. In fact, some of those amazing updos that you see all over Pinterest can only really be achieved with clean hair and, of course, the right technique.

A hairstylist can "dirty" your hair using products, this ensures that your hair is in the proper condition for the best possible updo. Clean hair is the most cooperative kind of hair, allowing a hairstylist to recognize the hair type and guarantee a perfect look every time.

Not to mention, would you really want to run your hands through somebody's dirty hair?

Neither do stylists.

"If you trim your hair, it will grow faster." 

We honestly have absolutely no idea where this hair myth derived from. Scientific facts about hair growth have already debunked this myth, but people still love to believe it. It's simple; if you keep cutting your hair, it will keep getting shorter.

That being said, this myth buster doesn't completely eliminate the need for haircuts. Not getting your hair cut will lead to split ends, which result in thinner looking hair. We recommend getting a haircut every 8-10 weeks for healthy looking hair.

Let your stylist know that you're growing out your hair - a good one will perform, what is known as, "dusting". This involves a light trim to the ends of your hair. This will prevent split ends and improve the texture of the hair without trimming your length gains.

"Don't condition thin hair." 

Admittedly, we understand the logic behind this myth. After all, conditioners can weigh down the hair...something which fine hair does not behave well with. However, avoiding conditioner completely will leave your hair undernourished. So, what do you do? 

You just have to choose your conditioner correctly, making sure that it isn't too heavy for thin hair. Look for lightweight, volumizing formulas. We have the best conditioner solutions for all types of hair at our hair salon in Fort Myers.

If these still don't work for you, you could consider using leave-in conditioners (which we have at the Salon too).

On all occasions, only use a small amount, don't apply conditioner to the roots, don't leave it in your hair for too long and, perhaps, condition before you shampoo.  

"Dying your hair makes it look unhealthy." 

Bleaching aside, coloring your hair shouldn't have a bad reputation that it has. Actually, the extra deposit of product on hair can make it look thicker and healthier, this is just one of those hair dye myths that you can ignore.

Dying your hair, just like a lot of other practices, does damage your hair a little. However, this isn't irreversible. If you commit yourself to taking care of your hair, think, hair massages and damage treatments, you can restore your hair. Don't worry.

"You should wash oily hair daily"

This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, roots get oily quicker when you wash your hair every day - it compensates, every time you wash your hair you remove the healthy oils from the roots, so your hair creates more and more, resulting in an excess. Washing your hair every day is also not the best thing you can do for your overall hair health.

Also, going back to the "don't condition thin hair" myth, many believe that you shouldn't condition oily hair...this isn't true and actually makes the scalp dryer thus resulting in more oil.

We recommend brushing your hair thoroughly before washing it, shampoo your hair with the correct shampoo and only wash your hair every other day, at the maximum. Over time, your hair will become less oily and easier to manage.  

We hope in debunking these hair myths, you now have a little bit more knowledge on how to take care of your hair. If you have any questions about hair myths or hair health, we'll be happy to answer them. You can contact Scene 826 in Fort Myers, Florida at (239) 479-7679.